June in action

Yoga with June...........meditation in movement

I am interested in using asana to develop awareness, finding out how the body, mind and breath interact and influence each other. Exploring where there is tension physically and mentally, the practice brings us to face our tension and the work is to discover ways of restoring harmony, well-being and wholeness.

In my teaching, I encourage students to become increasingly clear about how the body feels in each posture; to work with whichever parts of whichever postures facilitate a deepening sense of freedom of movement; to identify unhelpful habits; to explore the relationship with the ground; to feel the way the breath is moving the body.

There is no ambition but rather increasing clarity. Although the work is with the physical body, we find that working with a calm attitude has a quietening effect on the mind which enables us to discover the joy that is yoga.

Since qualifying with Yoga Scotland in 1992, I have been privileged to have been taught by several of the excellent teachers inspired by the work of the late Vanda Scaravelli. In particular my practice has been shaped over the last 20 years by the inspirational teaching of John Stirk and continues to evolve under the guidance of  Gary Carter.

Where am I?

Based in Falkirk, I run classes around Central Scotland. Most classes are open to all, but I also do corporate classes, special needs classes and one-to┬ľones.

I regularly teach day seminars and yoga holidays abroad.